Anti-Fatigue StandMat

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The Standmat anti-fatigue is a solution designed to improve the comfort of those who are constantly standing statically. With its polyurethane composition, it prevents back problems, discomfort of the feet and legs thanks to its soft and flexible surface.


The Standmat anti-fatigue mat is intended for people who adopt a prolonged standing posture (static work, trampling). It aims to prevent lower limb pain and lower back pain thanks to its soft and flexible polyurethane surface. The Standmat makes the standing job more pleasant and comfortable thanks to its surface that stimulates micro-movements that have a positive effect on the blood circulation. It prevents any muscle discomfort on pelvis and feet while preventing fatigue. It can be used in different sectors of activity such as: office work, industry, banking, medical and paramedical.

· Soft surface. Balanced softness enhances micro movements and blood circulation.
· Stable. The Standmat base made by PVC makes it stable once placed on the floor.
· Prevent discomfort. Makes standing job pleasant and comfortable.
· Washable. Easy to be cleaned.

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Dimensions 710 x 530 x 21 mm
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